Client Corner: Hurricane Harvey


Family is extremely important to Ron and Bev. They have two married children; one in Houston, Texas the other in Yorba Linda. They have six grandchildren between the two families with the majority of the birthdays in August through October. We have known Ron and Bev for over twenty-two years and we can attest they have spent a significant amount of time traveling with their family, before and after grandchildren. The stories are endless. They have done cruises, European vacations and state side vacations with their children and grandchildren as long as we can remember.

Ron and Bev had their normal travel plans established for this summer, with a plan to celebrate their oldest grandchild’s 14th birthday in Houston. Their goal was to celebrate and then make it back to California for the birth of their sixth grandchild due at the beginning of September. Since Shaun’s birthday was on the 25th of August, they would have plenty of time to get home for the birth. On paper, it was a very plausible plan.

Ron and Bev arrived a few days early for the celebration. Shaun’s birthday celebration began with his father barbecuing under light rain. Well, this was the beginning of Hurricane Harvey. While the rain did not interrupt the birthday celebration that evening, Ron and Bev called it an evening at about 9:00 pm.

As Ron and Bev slept the night away, the rain and winds came. The heavy rains that we witnessed in the comfort of our living room on television fell constantly overnight. The neighborhood streets began to overflow with water and flood.

Yamamoto House with Caption.jpg

The home they stayed in, directly across the street, was not impacted by the flooding that took place in the neighborhood. However, their children’s home is a vintage home built in the 40s. The water rose 36 inches overnight, which unfortunately was about 2 inches above their foundation. The house was completely flooded. The electricity went out, but fortunately was restored after 24 hours. 

Everyone chipped in to move furniture out and away from the flooding that entered the house. Unfortunately, by the time the furniture was removed, it had already been “touched” by the “black water” that came from the flood. Basically, anything in the house that had any contact with the “black water” was destroyed. All of the flooring, walls and furniture will need to be replaced due to the flooding. The house will probably be torn down and a new one built in place of it.

Probably the biggest loss was for Shaun. Unfortunately, all of Shaun’s memorabilia from his younger years was damaged. Shaun, being the determined young man that he is, is doing his best to restore as much as possible. 

Ron and Bev were planning to come home on Wednesday following Shaun’s birthday. But as you heard on the news, all flights were cancelled. Everyone that was trying to fly from Houston had significant delays. Ron and Bev did book a flight for Saturday which once again got cancelled. They decided to try Bush airport other than Houston Hobby and they were successful for Sunday.

Unfortunately, they were not able to get home in time for the birth of Tucker David, but arrived home just in time to welcome the family home from the hospital. They were able to help the week they got home by entertaining the other grandchildren throughout the week.

Now that this is behind them, they have already scheduled travel plans with their children and grandchildren in November on a Disney Cruise hosted by Focus on the Family.

We’ve had two additional clients that have had children impacted by Hurricane Harvey and another client in Florida due to Hurricane Irma. All of them are fine physically, but they are emotionally drained by all of the decisions that need to be made due to the flooding. Our thoughts and prayers continue for all of the people affected by the terrible natural disasters, specifically our clients and their families!