KFM Newsletter: What's New in Kempville?


Thank you for your continued comments on our book 10 Truths: How to Create Financial Independence.  Your feedback has been greatly appreciated as we have enjoyed discussing the contents of the book and how it relates to your current situation over the past several months.

The book was specifically written for you, your family, your friends and your colleagues. The book was not written to be sold to the general public. However, the book was posted on Facebook by one of our raving fans and numerous copies were sold through Amazon. While this was not our intent (we did appreciate the support), we actually received great feedback from the people that purchased the book.

For those of you that come into the office regularly, you have noticed copies in the front lobby and in our “Kempville” family room. Many of you have requested additional copies while you have visited. But, for those of you at a distance, we have also been asked by many, “How can I get a copy for . . .?” While the book is available through Amazon (as mentioned earlier), please know we would be delighted to send a copy on your behalf to anyone you feel would gain from having their very own copy.

We have created an option for our clients only on our website. Click here to request a copy.

You can simply request an additional copy to be mailed directly to you, or simply fill in the name and address of those who you would like to receive a book. A letter will accompany the book that will reference your request to send them a book. You may review the letter that will accompany the book with your request.


Wyatt has been feverishly working on our new and improved website since the beginning of the year. We reintroduced our website over two years ago and just when you thought we were done, Wyatt has made significant improvements. Here’s a brief summary of the improvements:

  • Brand new look and feel
  • Easier to navigate and find items & pages
  • New and improved News & Updates page to make it easier to read our Newsletters and Client Corner articles
  • Improved features and optimizations for browsing our website on mobile devices

The most popular part of our website has been Schedule a Meeting. You now have several options through our website to schedule meetings at your convenience. In addition, we have added “Update Meeting via GoToMeeting”. While we enjoy and prefer face-to-face meetings in our “Kempville” family room, we can bring our family room to your family room through GoToMeeting. All you need is a Wi-Fi/Internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer and we can have face-to-face meetings as if you were actually here in the office. You do not have to be “tech savvy” as Wyatt has been able to walk people through the necessary steps to establish a connection with ease. For those of you at a distance from our office, we believe it’s a great way to see one another and get updated on all the current affairs.

As a client of Kemp Financial Management, LLC, you received your copy of our ADV Part II at the time you opened your account. Every year, we offer a complimentary copy of our most recent ADV Part II for your review and files, which has been updated on our website. You can download the document so you can view and save it by clicking here. It is always available on the bottom footer section of every page of our website along with our Privacy Policy.

If you would like to receive a copy of our ADV Part II by mail, please contact Wyatt Kiedrowski at wyatt@kempfm.com or by phone at 714 -257-0800.


Can you believe it’s already April? It seems like just yesterday we wished you a Happy New Year. Unlike the start of 2017, it has been a bumpy ride and we would like to explain the first quarter of 2018.

Frankly, we were spoiled in 2016 and 2017. From March 1, 2016 to January 31, 2018 (23 months) there was only one negative month (October 2016). This meant, every time you had an update meeting, or checked your account balance, received a statement or watched the news, chances are strong your account balance was higher than the last time you checked. While we probably did not stress this enough during the uptick in the markets, the 23 month stretch we just had was an anomaly.

The first quarter of 2018, has not looked at all like the prior 23 months. We have witnessed volatility once again, which candidly is more of the norm than 23 months of straight gains. It may take some getting used to once again since it’s been a while. For it seems like every day there is a new reason to celebrate or a new reason to be cautious. While the day-to-day movements of the markets do not change a thing for long-term thinkers like you, it sure continues to reinforce paying attention to your long-term desires versus the day-to-day swings is very important once again.

In February, we sent a video email (it was the most viewed/read piece in the last several years) discussing the crazy gyrations of the markets. We felt that it was important to once again, shift the focus from the day-to-day to the long-term. We received tremendous feedback from many of you thanking us for the comments, but also reminding us, your lives do not change based upon the day-to-day. Most of the comments were simply, “Thank you, but fortunately my life does not revolve around the market.” To that we say, “Well done!”

Going forward, we do believe the markets will probably continue the gyrations we have seen most recently in the first quarter of 2018. We need not remind you that we do not have the proverbial crystal ball, nor do we forecast the movement of the markets. But what we do know is that interest rates, according to the Federal Reserve, will probably be rising moderately. While we do not believe the rise in rates will cause the markets to falter, we do believe there is confusion as to what the overall effect higher interest rates will have on future earnings.

We have been in a declining interest rate environment, essentially since 1981. This is, perhaps, the first time investors have had to deal with an interest rate environment which may be moving in a direction other than down. Consequently, we do feel this creates confusion in the markets and therefore may generate continued volatility.

Another factor thrown into the “confusion” territory is the most recent announcement related to Trade Tariffs. Many argue this is good for certain industry groups, while bad for others. Regardless of your position of “good” or “bad”, it is an additional area of uncertainty.

With uncertainty, many will discuss the “market hates uncertainty.” Yet others will profess “Wall Street climbs a wall of worry.” Or better yet, “It’s the Wall Street Waltz. Two steps forward, one step back.” Who is right? Once again, let’s not focus on the day to day, but focus on where we will be three, five, ten, fifteen or twenty years from now.

Sam celebrating his 26th birthday

Sam celebrating his 26th birthday

Life is moving ever so fast. Our oldest child just celebrated his 26th birthday. Part of the celebration included watching old family videos. The video of choice for the evening was watching the few days before going to the hospital and coming home with a brand spanking new child. Talk about uncertainty . . . how are we going to raise this child? Will he sleep? How much should he be fed? How do you even raise a child? How are we going to get him through college? Where’s the instruction manual? 26 years have gone by in an instant. Thankfully he is a college graduate, happily married, employed and contributing to his retirement plan! By the way, the Standard and Poor’s 500 index was at 469.10 in March 1992 (Source: finance.yahoo.com). Life is good.

Don’t let the day-to-day distract you from what’s most important to you. We look forward to visiting with you in the upcoming days, weeks and months, catching up on what’s happening and planning for your futures.