KFM Newsletter: Security, A Book, and A Change


In light of the Equifax breach, we want you to know we’ve got your back. In working with our custodians, all transactions that are outside of normal activities for your accounts, verbal instructions must be received for all other transactions directly from you. All emails requesting distributions, address changes, account information or portfolio values must be verbally authorized by you. You may have already noticed when making request by email or when leaving a voicemail message, someone from our office has reached out to you to verify your request. The same holds true with our custodians (such as Charles Schwab). All of them have procedures in place to protect and prevent fraud.

For Schwab account holders, please review Schwab’s Security Guarantee



We encourage you to contact your bank, credit card companies and other financial institutions to find out what protections are in place for your accounts. Some of our clients have found very little protection by smaller institutions which have caused them to think twice about working with them going forward.

You should also be on guard for an increase in phishing scams by email or phone. If anyone contacts you for financial information you should always be suspicious. If questions are asked that can jeopardize your personal security, you should immediately delete the email or hang up the phone. Report the email as spam and/or do your best to identify the phone number of the caller using Caller ID.

We are also providing the following suggestions to you, and encourage you to take action to protect your information:

  • Check to see if your information has been exposed at www.equifaxsecurity2017.com.
  • Enroll in Equifax’s credit monitoring service, made available at no cost.
  • Remain vigilant in checking your financial statements and accounts for unexpected activity and changes to addresses, beneficiaries, et cetera.
  • Consider requesting a credit freeze to prevent potentially fraudulent accounts from being opened in your name. A fee may apply.
  • Consider changing your passwords to your online accounts.
  • Stay wary of email announcements which may be phishing attempts – some may even appear to be from Equifax concerning the breach. Go directly to websites rather than clicking links provided in emails.
  • Warn friends and family members who may be more vulnerable to scams.

For additional information, visit https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/2017/09/equifax-data-breachwhat-do

Unfortunately, cyber-crime is a reality we all face. However, proactively taking steps to protect your information can go a long way toward ensuring your online safety.


10 Truths: How to Create Financial Independence

Have you ever wondered what the 10 Truths are to being a successful investor? As promised at the beginning of the year, 10 Truths: How to Create Financial Independence by Robert J. Kemp has been completed. You can get a sneak peek by clicking here. We are currently in the process of ordering enough copies for each of our clients. We will also be hosting a “book party Open House” at our office November 15, 2017. Please save the date and be on the lookout for more details to follow. You can also visit the 10 Truths Book page on our Website.

Farewell to SagePoint

After thorough and thoughtful consideration, Kemp Financial Management, LLC has terminated its relationship with our broker/dealer, SagePoint Financial Inc., effective September 30, 2017.  The motivation behind this decision is to streamline our organization while eliminating unnecessary confusion for our clients. This decision does not impact you, our valued client, in any way. We thank our colleagues at SagePoint for the many years of friendship and loyalty to our firm.

While there is no fiscal impact to Kemp Financial Management or to our clients, with this change you will notice our letterhead, website, and new account documentation will be modified accordingly. We believe this decision will simplify our processes and allow for clearer messaging to our clients, as well as open up additional technology enhancements for all new and existing accounts going forward.

While we feel it is important to keep you informed as to any changes made within our firm, you will not need you to sign any documentation to effect or approve this change. Should you receive any communication from SagePoint in the future, you may simply disregard it.

We believe this move is also consistent with the new Fiduciary Standards set forth by the Department of Labor earlier this year. While the new standards are still yet to be determined, we feel moving in this direction is more consistent with the fiduciary standards already in place at Kemp Financial Management.

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to give us a call should have you any further questions.

Ladies Night Out

What Matters Most: Ladies Night Out at “Concert Under the Stars” at Cal State Fullerton was a huge success.  What started with one table eight years ago has now grown to four.  Thank you to everyone for your participation. It was a great night and we look forward to hosting next year’s event in September 2018. And yes, we will see if we can get closer to the dance floor.


Annual ADV Part II and Privacy Policy Announcement
As a client of Kemp Financial Management, LLC, you received your copy of our ADV Part II at the time you opened your account. Every year, we offer a complimentary copy of our most recent ADV Part II for your review and files. In addition, we are also required to provide you with Kemp Financial Management, LLC’s current Privacy Notice. Please contact Wyatt at 714-257-0800 or by e-mail at wyatt@kempfm.com in the event you would like to update your files with our most recent ADV Part II and Privacy Policy. Both are always available in the footer section of our website.