Most people agree that personal financial security allows them to pursue the things in life that matter the most: time with family and friends, a comfortable retirement, freedom to travel or pursue a hobby, and the assurance that their children and heirs will be educated and cared for. But savers and investors need to rethink how they care for their resources because the days of a company pension plan are all but over. More and more, it is important to make the smartest possible decisions about one's money so that goals are met and financial resources and savings last over a lifetime.

Author and investment advisor Robert J. Kemp outlines his manifesto for building a life of financial security and happiness. It starts by understanding your own values relating to money because they are the cornerstone of every financial decision you will make. His goal is to help you navigate the increased complexity of the investment world and avoid the mistakes that too often trip up investors into pursuing unwise investment choices. He provides the tools and framework for making smarter, more informed financial decisions, and he explains what has historically worked and what hasn't. The objective is that by the end of the book, you will be able to create or better understand your own investment plan and how it can carry you through life.