Our Process

What matters most to you in your life? What do you want to achieve for yourself? Your family? Your community?

Whether you are seeking a comfortable retirement or the freedom to pursue your personal goals, we are committed to helping you achieve financial independence on your terms. We do this through a comprehensive planning process grounded in your personal goals and objectives.

To make sure we truly understand new clients and what they want to achieve, we begin each relationship with a series of four appointments:

Is There A Fit?
Data Gathering
Action Plan: The Investment Policy Statement
Dedicated to Your Long-Term Success

Appointment 1: Is There A Fit?

This no-obligation, introductory meeting is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better, understand what’s most important to you, explain our process and services, and mutually decide if there is a strong foundation for working together.

Appointment 2: Data Gathering

We begin gathering information to better understand your life goals (both short and long-term) and your overall financial situation so that we can create a customized and comprehensive Action Plan.  In addition, we discuss your current situation and portfolio and look at potential options to consider in the planning process.

Appointment 3: The Investment Policy Statement

We present your Action Plan: A custom portfolio recommendation designed specifically to your personal goals, objectives and financial situation. Included is a detailed outline of how we will invest and monitor your portfolio—an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS serves as an accountability anchor for both of us and is designed to give you the financial confidence to pursue what matters most in your life.

Appointment 4: Implementation

The last appointment completes the implementation strategy detailed in the Investment Policy Statement. You sign the documents that allow us to get started so that we may welcome you to the Kemp Financial Family.

Dedicated to Your Long-Term Success

We meet with our clients regularly to keep them informed as to the progress of their Action Plan and to keep abreast of changes in their situation. This process ensures that they are well prepared for relevant critical financial events as they occur. Your Action Plan is regularly monitored and adjusted to meet changes in your life from information you provide us. In order for your plan to dynamically reflect your life, it is important to keep us up-to-date with any relevant information and changes.